(202) 621-9519
1 I have recieved several calls all day today. When I answer the phone no one responds but whoever is on the other line continues to call.
07441 916971
1 Calling me regarding 3 missed calls and then started to talk about fancying him and should send him a pictures via WhatsApp. Very weird
75 18 76 81
1 sofie påstår at bokser er $!#@%evet opkøbt af et elselskab
0116 318 0597
1 supposedly from HMRC. menacing sounding call saying I had to contact them within a certain time limit
02 335 21 55
1 À chaque fois il demande après un monsieur Dumont
01928 719207
1 Young foreign man told me to @#!$% off when I asked who he was
02 8359 5030
2 State attenti agli annunci su internet per le riparazioni degli elettrodomestici purtroppo a me è capitato è mi hanno fregato come anticipo di lavori 150€ hanno fatto finta...