0912 533 779
5 What tv show are you hallucinating today?
0912 529 506
3 Full house what t.v. show are you stuck on today?
0953 109 791
1 Did you get your own identity today? %#@!$ offender %#@!$
07 582 0234
21 Uncle police office I like your piece ... I live you I love you sorry I said I hate your job.. But did you have your camera on? The people across The street stole your...
07 582 0234
21 All these houses are from mortgage feaud
07 582 0234
21 Uncle police officer the guy that ambush you many years sho is around here and do not leave me alone
07 582 0234
21 Uncle I love you but next time please drop your car key and your credit card ... lol..
06-879 5689
1 Where is this number from who is it
0330 016 3987
1 Says he is from met Police and laughs and talks nonsense nonstop. please report to the Police.
07 582 0234
21 While looking out the window I saw the news for the week the tribe of perfect midgets .... together with goliath but in another century now they have technology y Las...
0948 193 870
1 Hlásí se automat (v češtině) jako společnost Effective Energy: ("Vaše telefonní číslo jsme náhodně vybrali....") V tom moemntě jsem hovor přerušil.
10 hola buen dia ,amigos les agradecería si me pudieran ayudar , a saver de que empresa o intitucion es este numero que tengo varias llamadas perdidas y yo los llamo y repica...
(843) 372-3146
1 Wanting money. I got framed for something I didnt do. I have reported this