0431 864 518
1 DANIEL FALZON answers wanted ads on Gumtree Pretends he has the item Gets you to pay bank deposit then denies receiving money We just been scammed $450 for wanted car part....
(03) 9021 6879
1 Im constantly bombarded with these random canvassers. They constantly change their numbers so that it always looks like an innocent contact number. If people who wish to...
(03) 9437 0107
1 telstra scam, bitch told me to get %!#$@ed then she hung up tried calling her back but phone engaged
(02) 8311 4881
1 Claim to be from Women's Health Network wanting to know if I walk regularly. Said she was ringing all senior citizens in my suburb. I am NOT a senior citizen.
0434 700 266
1 Scammer on gumtree, pretending to show evidence of payment for immediate delivery, payment never comes. Goes under the name of Gregory Nelson, parcel locker Burwood east...
(02) 4963 6902
1 0249636902 persistent several times a day ~10 minutes to the hour, claiming to be Telstra technical department
(08) 8208 4849
2 didn't leave a message i called back and Wayne from Fusion Business answered and i hung up
0449 852 978
1 Calls at random times. Does not leave a message. When the call is answered there is nothing on the other end. Calling the number goes straight to a mailbox.
(08) 8208 4849
2 Didn't leave a message. Called back and Wayne from Fusion Business answered. Said he was calling about a survey for automotive business.
0450 678 984
1 This guy is a dog Phone number not even in his real name Watch out for him He works for the police His name is Nghia
0418 354 803
1 this number belongs to Alex lafferty he makes false statements about ppl and threatens them.
0409 919 332
1 Called me asked for jay, then hung up. I redailed straight away and he answered his name as liam then realized it was not his target and straight away denied calling my...
1800 952 984
3 Tech support scammers claiming to be Microsoft. BEWARE!!
(03) 9391 7038
4 Man calls from this number and plays Richmond football club theme song down the phone.
0468 340 399
2 Marek Malecki ul Galachy 5 C ZAKROCZYM 05-170 Poland Oszust,zlodziej,komunista,czlonek sluzby bezpieczenstwa i zbrodniczych organizacji ktore przesladowaly ludzi -...
(03) 7017 3142
2 Repeated calls to my mobile but nobody says anything. Its now $%@#!ocked on my phone
(03) 9391 7038
4 Rude man calls me and says rude things. He has also said he is johnny cash and anotherctime the ope. Obviously has a mental comdition and is crazy.