07515 743382
1 Calls herself ‘Laura’ but is some pervert who sends stock images and then pretends to be a trans girl.
07596 407666
2 From an Indian call centre, trying to ask 'three simple questions', no thanks
07596 407666
2 Had a call, tried calling back said I’d dialled an incorrect number?
0121 790 0798
1 Very abusive telemarketing, calling me $!#%@ and $!#%@ on the Phone. Called back five times in half an hour before I blocked HIM.
020 3389 9369
1 Legal case in progress contact help line I suspect this is a scammer
07961 646199
1 Samantha Ellis little rascals nursery leeds called yesterday again
020 3984 8872
1 Person claiming to be an Inland Revenue inspector asking for my solicitor to call them back or face the consequences. Nasty! Left voicemail.... Have saved and will see if...
07438 123779
1 A guy called allen who cheat people's money and love
0131 626 1527
1 Nat west cheqing personal information?
020 3868 4854
1 Nusiance No will call loads of times even if you tell them to delete the number they do not listen block number they are a forex company...
07483 176847
2 Someone selling Avon - twice now I’ve replied STOP to opt out, and they messaged me again!! No idea where they got my number!!