(01) 424 5032
1 Michael from panda power wanting to set up gas and electric and bins
085 867 3531
3 He claimed he found my jacket and keys and I will get it back. After lots of conversation he first said it all adds up and when I told him I no longer want to have a pint...
(01) 881 0000
1 if my mashine have right callers name is paul ryan
(01) 439 4080
3 Pretty sure it's the arrears department , dealt with them before and it was a call centre with lots of noise in the background as already stated by someone else but it did...
087 098 6800
1 Weirdo. Rings in middle of. night. Sends weird texts..if you ring back...he won't talk..
087 919 8953
15 Oddest person I’ve ever encountered. This guy won’t stop messaging me about a dress I have on done deal. Constantly texting, abuse when he doesn’t get a response,...
076 680 1156
1 Asian voice insisting I ordered food. I hung up.
085 200 0483
1 Ciaran Doyle plumbing services. Poor workmanship. Poor value. Poor responses. Avoid.