086 877 1283
2 He’s been ringing me asking where I live I said the uk sounded like he was masturbating down the phone I said I was going to the police with all the recorded phone calls...
086 867 3233
7 This guy also tried to txt, said your cute, etc but seems like a weirdo, I had an ad on Gumtree, he might have come from there.
076 680 3902
2 0766803902 does anyone know this number
087 096 8856
1 Joseph Kamal Need to get in contact with him
085 141 3968
1 I have received the following text from this number:- "You have been awarded $530,000 USD in the Freelottery Promo 2018. To claim visit www.mob-free.*** click CLAIM enter...
086 877 1283
2 He call me and asked me my age , he is calling me every minute, I’m scare
(021) 245 5070
1 Merchants Quay Homeless Charity, they had an ad on the TV a couple of months ago and are ringing to see if you want to follow up on a text you might have sent to give to...