087 919 8953
10 His name is on what’sapp as John o Kelly
087 919 8953
10 Absolute freak off a guy. Texted me asking me to meet him I was on donedeal. Definelty reporting him, proper weirdo
087 919 8953
10 Had the same issue with this fella who goes by the name of Brian Kiely. (seen the name on Whatsapp) I had a dress for sale on done deal and At first I received a text...
087 919 8953
10 He was sending me strange messages after I put up an ad for a dress so I searched his number and saw these comments. I then told him the dress was sold so he would stop and...
087 919 8953
10 Have had the same experience with this pest after I posted an ad for my car on donedeal. Called himself Brian. Excessive texting over whatsapp at all hours. Will only deal...
(01) 902 9295
1 Is this really a call from Dogs Trust?
076 680 5274
1 Called me regarding a job application i had made for a lab in slough, in order to offer me an interview. Didn't hear back from the lady, she didnt reply to any emails...
087 919 8953
10 Text women only who are selling anyrj Mc on some deal only wants to meet alone when caught out gets very aggressive
086 877 1283
2 He’s been ringing me asking where I live I said the uk sounded like he was masturbating down the phone I said I was going to the police with all the recorded phone calls...
086 867 3233
7 This guy also tried to txt, said your cute, etc but seems like a weirdo, I had an ad on Gumtree, he might have come from there.