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Oddest person I’ve ever encountered. This guy won’t stop messaging me about a dress I have on done deal. Constantly texting, abuse when he doesn’t get a response, repeatedly asked the same question. Says he’s buying the dress for his wife. Absolute time waster. He’s scary!
Iv reported this number to DoneDeal and my mobile network, nuisance texts at 4 and 5 am regarding a dress for sale.
This person texted at all hours about a dress I was selling on Done Deal. He also uses the email address vladislav.**rnstein@gmail.*** Do not engage in any communication with him.
Very strange person , sent numerous texts about a dress I have for sale on done deal, very broken English , aggressive, rude, persistent and complete and utter time waster .
Nuisance texter.. got a text last night at 12.30am looking to buy all my dresses on Donedeal and then messaged me angrily again this morning on Whatsapp at 7.30am! (name #@$!%ng up as John O'Kelly) I blocked him him on both so that should be the end of him.. beware, he seems to be getting the numbers from donedeal for new items posted. Total time waster. Don't even entertain.
His name is on what’sapp as John o Kelly
Absolute freak off a guy. Texted me asking me to meet him I was on donedeal. Definelty reporting him, proper weirdo
Had the same issue with this fella who goes by the name of Brian Kiely. (seen the name on Whatsapp) I had a dress for sale on done deal and At first I received a text message then the same message on what’s app. When I blocked him on Whatsapp he got aggravated and started to say that he only buys of women and needed to see profile picture do see if it was a woman. Then he tried to say that he was going to buy the dress but because I blocked him, he had no interest anymore. I told him that was fine yet he kept texting. I’ve blocked him completely now, sounds like a complete nutter! Maybe should be reported to an Gardaí as he’s dangerous if he is trying to meet women alone??
He was sending me strange messages after I put up an ad for a dress so I searched his number and saw these comments. I then told him the dress was sold so he would stop and he got very aggravated. He has very bad English aswell.
Have had the same experience with this pest after I posted an ad for my car on donedeal. Called himself Brian. Excessive texting over whatsapp at all hours. Will only deal with ladies. Offered more than advertised. When I asked for a picture of I.D. he freaked then blocked me.
Text women only who are selling anyrj Mc on some deal only wants to meet alone when caught out gets very aggressive
This guy texts about ladies clothes and asking intimate questions be ware
Just had this number txt me. My ad was for wedding dress. Do they ever get round to trying to meet up?
Total time waster!! Constantly texting about an online add I posted..
Nuisance caller/texter and every time I placed an add online this person sent me a stupid text. Total time waster who wasn't clever enough to remember they had text me on numerous other occasions
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