3138 9696
1 Called oncw. When you answered caller hang up. Dont bother to call back.
3129 0368
1 31290368 is a spammer number
3129 0360
1 scam, you will hear silence in the first few seconds upon connecting, then they will read a name (might not even be yours), just hang up and block
3129 0202
2 Marketeers very f....**g aggressive. Told them not to call ao many t8mes but they call and call.
3129 0202
2 Marketeera very f....**g aggressive
9096 5844
1 Hi may I know this few calls people
8787 3113
3 low life gangster calling me to extort money, i asked him politely how he got my telephone number which he declined in a rude manner, he told me if i do not pay up, he will...
8787 3113
3 The caller of this singapore number 87873113, keeps calling me saying i owe him a huge amount of money which i was puzzled as to what the heck he was talking about, he...
8787 3113
3 The caller from this singapore phone number 87873113 , keep calling and talking obscenities to my auntie late at night and during daytime as well, he will talk all sorts of...
6950 2026
1 Received calls from them at 4am early morning today. My mobile smart alert was also showing me this number is a Potential Fraud. Beware. Even if it is an insurance company...
3129 0144
1 I'm not sure how this people get my contact and my full name. They mentioned they are from Income dot net, an investment company. If you mentioned you're busy and reject...
3129 0140
1 What the hell this various stupid caller frm sg keep on calling me??? As far as i know... i dont hv any business in sg.... STOP CALLING MEEEEEE!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡
3129 0126
1 received a missed call from this number