(702) 430-8759
1 Scammer looking for info to execute a home buying scam. Calls constantly when you call them out on their scam, atleast 3 or 4 tumes daily. Also this scammer is connected to...
(877) 882-6777
1 This is a scammer pretending to be Apple and attempting to get access to your com!%$#@r and/or apple account. Do not trust this number, always contact Apple through a...
(520) 314-2933
1 520-314-2933| Wed, 5/22/19 @ 9:55 AM. I HIGHLY recommend if you see this number on your phone--do not answer. I answered just to see who it was. HIS voice was not clear,...
(833) 278-1672
1 Scam said I had a warrant for arrest for drug trafficker
(312) 662-9466
1 this person scammed me out of 200 dollars
(925) 471-5289
1 ‪+1 (925) 471‑5289‬. this person cheated me 3000 dollars for alleged sale of a dog
(289) 200-5578
1 They called and it was an automated voice call
(786) 471-0238
1 This an enforcement action executed by the US higher authority stating your social security number going to be block intending your serious attention ignoring this will be...
(639) 638-2038
3 Calls every day almost. No messages. When I pick up there is no one there.