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Seen again in Bethlehem pa on 7/30/18 between 4:15 pm and 6 pm. Sneaking into a home she should not be in having #$!%@ with someones man. Are you nuts Jill Lydon? Still at it. Shame on you. You know you are making yourself look really bad. What's wrong with you? Leave him alone. He is sick. A #$!%@ addict and you are falling for it and gave him exactly what he wanted. Your family is going to find out if you don't stop. Find your own man. I know you from match. Stop!!!!!!
old %#$@!! Ur family is going to find out! What are you going to do then? Idiot!!!!!
Cheater. Sneak. Stop screwing other womans men and find your own. Leave him alone. We all know and saw you many times. Please stop.
low life #@!$%
Jill V. Lydon 2514 Garfield Ave. Reading Pa 19609
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