8887408728 / (888) 740-8728 / +18887408728 / +1 888-740-8728 38
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They called me from private number told me they need to serve me papers..I said for what..they gave me 888-740-8728 to check...so I called it the guy who answered sounded like the same guy who called me from private number..i asked him what court do you want to serve me from..he called a local court so I asked for the case number he gave it to me ..he said I had old bank fees which is now doubled from 2006..i told him no such thing I will get a lawyer and go to the court to find out whats going on...he began to talk over me nonstop ..so I told him I'll see you in court..this is a scam ...I called the court system they told me there's no such case number and they would never call someone to serve them..they told me its scam and I should block the numbers.
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