(985) 221-7045
1 Message: Calling from Microwave saying amount will be charged to credit card.
(800) 330-0527
2 Calls at night and early morning.... 23:00 & 05:00 Unanswered at 23:00 and answered to a voiceless call in the early a.m. call
(281) 324-8878
2 Nuisance call. Wants to buy my house, cash, ni repairs blah blah blah
(909) 375-5032
1 David m Smith I want to know more about this person to find out if he is a scam or not
(832) 739-9091
1 threat to take action if I didn't return phone call
(833) 672-2777
2 they told me they would kill my family if I did not pay a randsome
(833) 672-2777
2 he told me he will kill my family is I did not pay 1000$ please help
(205) 270-4136
2 wanting to talk to a Robert. when told they have the wrong number they hang up
(205) 270-4136
2 Medicare Heath Center. when you answer they come on and say "Medicare Health Center, May I speak to Robert" this is not the first time that they have called and informed...
(248) 965-8614
1 SCAM! Claims to be Microsoft security is going to charge my credit card for $299.99 for security update in three hours if I fail to call back.
(435) 558-2563
1 introduced himself as being from either Medica or Medicare. Said my name and asked, YES OR NO and then wanted my birthday.
(508) 461-4768
1 Called my cell phone with no message. Unknown caller
(904) 406-7210
1 Won't stop calling me every few hours, despite it being a wrong number.
(201) 252-6967
2 Wish callers would give it a rest-do something to change another's life. Pay attention to CID; DO NOT ANSWER! Then maybe! this will end.
(201) 252-6967
2 This is a frequent caller on our CID-Pick up>HANG UP