087 825 1941
1 +27878251941 please want to know who this number belongs to
087 285 5551
1 Hi weet julle wie is die mense ek kry miscalls van hulle asb
087 230 0830
1 hi i would like to find out who phoned me from this number 0872300828
021 927 8295
1 hi I would like to know who called me about this number?
014 065 0000
1 Hi I would like to know something about this number,i got a missed call from them.thank you
087 285 0022
2 Constant gang stalking, gas lighting from this number linked to other numbers using different people over period of time trying to get personal details pretending to be...
0860 000 701
2 The people associated with this number are stealing money from my bank account. It is an ABSA account and they are doing nothing to stop this illegal debit order business...
0860 000 701
2 this number is associate with the people who are debiting my absa account i don't know them